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Which methods do I use in my workshops and trainings?

As a certified HumorKom® Humor Trainer/Humor Coach I work with a tool box of various training methods and techniques. I combine practical exercises and theoretical basics to stimulate the individual sense of humor of my customers.

The main focus lies on the mutual experience as we take easily in what we have undergone ourselves.

A selection of my methods

Real Play
Humorous interventions are practiced by re-enacting realistic situations

Clown Acting
Rules of humor, body language, release of humor resources and activating of inner joy, enhancement of spontaneity, flexibility, creativity, perception and intuition

Method Acting (according to the Strasberg Method)
Development of different emotional states (emotional memory)

Pysical Excercises
Activation of body and mind to increase concentration and perception

Training of intuition and perception
Development of creativity

Emotional Humor (according to Jenny Karpawitz and Udo Berenbrinker)
Humorous play with emotions, body language

Improvisation Theatre
Strengthening of inner ease and creativity

Laughter Yoga
Producing of “laughter without a reason” to vitalise the mental and physical stability

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