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“I really enjoyed your occasional intermezzos. Humorous, revitalising and educational insights.”

“This was a lot of fun! Thank you!”

“The practical exercises are fun over and over again. I will give it a try, though I’m not sure if I will manage.”

“Your personal stories have been very helpful to understand.” “Good impulses that I can take along in my everyday life.”

“Durch Beobachtung des Rollenspiels gelingt der Perspektivenwechsel.” “Gute Anleitung & Führung, gute Wiederholung aller Webinar Inhalte.”

I really enjoyed your practical examples during the whole seminar.”

“It was always very interesting. You have taught the course contents very well. The warm-ups and energizers were awesome.”

“The work in small groups was constructive and the tipps Kirsten gave us stuck in our brains.”

“Your WhatsApp reminders are very encouraging.”

“It’s always very encouraging to see, that other people have the same daily challenges. And it feels good to look at them in a humorous kind of way.”

“Many thanks, Kirsten, it was outstanding.”

Kirsten Haenle, Humor Trainer – with spirit & heart

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